Klucz odpowiedzi

Test z języka angielskiego dla uczniów klas 8, przed egzaminem ósmoklasisty

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj dwukrotnie czterech wypowiedzi (1.1.–1.4.). Do każdej z nich dobierz właściwą reakcję (A–E).
Uwaga! Jedna reakcja została podana dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.

1.1.  C 
1.2.  B 
1.3.  D 
1.4.  E 
A. You’ll have your 5 minutes of fame after the show.
B. It’s too late. I need to be in bed by 9 tonight.
C. A comedy at 8 p.m. should be good fun.
D. Almost three hours, plus commercials.
E. About 2 weeks ago. It was on TV then.

Zadanie 2. Dla każdej z opisanych sytuacji (2.1.–2.4.) wybierz właściwą reakcję.

2.1. Twoja ciocia proponuje ci obiad, ale ty nie jesteś głodny / głodna. Co jej odpowiesz?
A. Thank you, but I’m full.
B. I’d like to eat it.
C. I’m so hungry.

2.2. Twój kolega przegrał ważny mecz w koszykówkę. Co mu powiesz?
A. I’m so happy for you.
B. You were lucky.
C. Oh, that’s a pity.

2.3. Otrzymałeś / Otrzymałaś zaproszenie na ślub kuzynki, z którego bardzo się cieszysz. Co jej odpowiesz?
A. Sorry, but there will be another wedding then.
B. Thanks, I’d love to come to your wedding.
C. You know, I’m not a fan of weddings.

2.4. Wytłumaczyłeś / Wytłumaczyłaś angielskiemu turyście, gdzie jest apteka. Upewnij się, czy na pewno cię zrozumiał.
A. Is that clear?
B. Sorry, can you repeat?
C. Where is the pharmacy?

Zadanie 3. Przeczytaj dwa teksty. W zadaniach 3.1. i 3.2. z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.

3.1. Meg’s Blog (Friday, 27th July )
I’m so happy that I can eat the food I like most again. As you know, I love vegetables and sea food, and I avoid junk food. You’ll probably ask why I haven’t eaten my favourite meals recently. Well, I didn’t want to tell anybody, but I got the main role in a film! I played a chubby girl, so I had to gain a few pounds. I visited a dietician and asked her what I should eat to stay healthy and fit, but a bit plump. She advised me to eat fat meat, potatoes and other boiled vegetables. To be honest, I didn’t like that food and I missed having light salads. Now I’ve come back to my previous eating habits, so I can eat a lot of sea food and healthy veggies every day.

When Meg was preparing for the main role, she ate
A. sea food.
B. fat meat.
C. light salads.

Recently my sister and her husband bought a beautiful, spacious flat in a building by the river. When I visited them I felt like I was in the country. We were sitting on a lovely roof terrace, catching the spring sun and listening to the birds singing. It was so strange to me that we were still in the city, and that afterwards I just went to the underground station and easily got to the city centre to meet my boyfriend.

The text is about
A. a city sightseeing tour.
B. paying a visit.
C. travelling in the country.

Zadanie 4. Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Dobierz do każdej luki (4.1.–4.4.) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst.
Uwaga! Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

When I heard that my favourite band, Crazy Roosters, would play in London, I was absolutely sure that I had to be there. Before I checked if there were any tickets left, I called my best friend, Tom. 4.1.  B  Tom’s task was to buy the train tickets and my task was to buy the concert tickets from the band’s website. Unfortunately, it turned out that all the tickets were sold out! 4.2.  E  I felt terrible and I kept searching the Internet, slowly losing hope of getting the tickets. However, to my surprise, I heard about an online competition about the Crazy Roosters on the radio. Tick­ets for their London concert were the prize, so I decided to take part. 4.3.  A    That’s why I wasn’t sure if I answered all of them correctly. When I finished the quiz, a message on the website read that I would get the results via e-mail. 4.4.  C  After three hours, I had completely lost hope. Suddenly, an unknown number showed up, calling on my mobile. When I answered, it turned out it was the guy from the radio, calling to congratulate me on winning the quiz! You’ll never guess, but I won two concert tickets – in the VIP area! I was so happy and relieved!

A. The questions were difficult.
B. We both decided to go to London.
C. I was checking my inbox every five minutes.
D. Soon we bought concert and train tickets online.
E. I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t know what to do.

Zadanie 5. Przeczytaj tekst. Wybierz poprawne uzupełnienie luk 5.1.–5.4.
Tom entered the train station 5.1. ___ a train home after a long day of work. As he stepped onto the platform, he saw the train was already there and about to leave. He started running, but the train whistle sounded and all doors but one closed. He ran towards the open door and managed to get 5.2. ___ the train. Inside he found two female conduc­tors: a young woman and a middle-aged one.

“If you keep doing this, no one 5.3. ___ the rule that they shouldn’t try to enter the train after the whistle has sound­ed,” said the older conductor to the younger.

“Yes, I know, but I just couldn’t close the door in 5.4. ___ face,” answered the younger one.

The older conductor looked at Tom and said: “You’re lucky today.”

Tom turned red and went off to find a seat.

5.1.   A. to take   B. take   C. taking
5.2.   A. over   B. on   C. for
5.3.   A. would learn   B. has learned   C. will learn
5.4.   A. his   B. him   C. he


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